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Mapping and the Rural US…

February 26, 2009 Leave a comment

This piece from the New York Times helps to justify the $350 million portion of the stimulus bill slated to map all the areas of the United States with less than adequate accessbility to internet broadband service.  While this information may be easily accessible by asking internet providers where their respective services extend to, the companies themselves may not be so willing to volunteer that information.  Either way, it seems that internet accessbility is a major component of education availability and communication accessibility in the stimulus bill.

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Kenneth E. Liwag; Rutgers University Planning Intern; VERTICES, LLC.

Mapping and the Census…

February 23, 2009 Leave a comment

It’s almost that time of the decade again!!!  The U.S. Census Bureau is getting its army of workers together again to count every single person that currently lives in the United States and in the state of South Carolina, they have plenty to gain from this round of counts.  South Carolina has seen an upswing in their population and if they are able to account for every single resident in their state they may be able to grad one more seat in the House of Representatives.  The Census is extremely important to mapping and GIS as it provides us with invaluable data that can be portrayed visually into maps and visualize various statistics.

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Kenneth E. Liwag, Rutgers University Planning Intern, VERTICES, LLC.