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Scotland benefits from Community Planning


Scotland has taken significant strides over the past few years to encourage community partnerships to provide and implement solutions to city issues. The Glasgow Community Planning Partnership (GCPL) was formed in 2004 to provide a framework for key public, private, community and voluntary stakeholders to come together and make decisions on how to improve public services in the City of Glasgow. The activities of the GCPL are backed by the Local Government of Scotland Act of 2003 which confers the authority to local bodies to initiate, maintain and facilitate community planning while Scotish Ministers have a duty to promote and encourage the use of Community Planning. Following the emergence of GCPL, the concept of Single Outcome Agreements emerged:

The Single Outcome Agreement is the means by which Community Planning Partnerships agree their strategic priorities for their local area and express those priorities as outcomes to be delivered by the partners, either individually or jointly, while showing how those outcomes should contribute to the Scottish Government’s relevant National Outcomes. Through CPPs, local leaders work with communities, the third and private sectors to develop the long term vision for the area and work towards that vision.

Glasgow CPP

Example of CPP strategy.

The type of structure developed by many CPPs to meet the Single Outcome Agreement is often similar to the one shown above. A number of objectives are produced with subsequent groups responsible for developing strategies to meet a specified objective.

For more information abou the Glasgow CommunityPlanning Partnership, click here.

Sana Razvi, Planning Intern, VERTICES, LLC.

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